Koncert Variete Nostalgji

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Koncert Variete Nostalgji

Orchestra Alba, Parodistat E Vlores, Edmond Xhani, Irini Qirjako, Kozma Dushi, Era Rusi

Sun · October 14, 2018

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$50.00 - $70.00

This event is all ages

Parodistet E Vlores
Dhe kengetaret : Irini Qirjako , Kozma Dushi dhe Era Rusi.

Koncert Variete Nostalgji
Koncert Variete Nostalgji
Orchestra “Alba” was established in May 2001 from our Artistic
Director Edmond Xhani.”Alba” preserves and enriches further our tradition
of art and culture. This artistic group consists of professional and very
talented musicians with a great and long experience in the stage and
interpretation. “Alba” cooperate with all well-known artists of the Albanian
stages; singers, musicians, dancers, actors and comedians which
provides a variety of entertainment to satisfy our followers. “Alba” has
performed in many stages, in different states in USA, Canada and also in

Albania, Greece, Italy, and Australia etc.
Irini Qirjako
Irini Qirjako
Irini Qirjako is a popular Albanian folk singer from Finiq. She is one of the most famous folk singers in southern Albania. She sings many tosk folk songs and mostly self-composed potpourri.

Irini Qirjako is a very famous singer. She is one of the prominent names of popular songs, especially the polyphonic one, one of the most successful singers in teksteshqip.com, with a long career of more than three decades, from the golden voices of AKVP, an artist and actor outstanding. The polyphonic song "Songs of my homeland are the healing remedy" by Lefter Chip, remains one of her most beloved songs, a hymn that she occasionally sings, decorating the golden pearl necklace that this distinguished artist has sung years in many scenes of the country and the world. For Irin this song always stands fresh and all life, as is Albanianism, because it is a very cool song and will never come to the second plan. In its future plans remain viodioklipe and albums, without counting concerts and participating in many activities at home and abroad.

Talent is born. She graduated high school at the Artistic Lyceum and then went to high school at the Academy of Arts. It is a very formed musician, but in addition is its inner passion that elevates it on this beautiful path. This is happening, since with songs she has walked the whole world. Only in France has gone 25 times. They are amazed with polyphonic songs. What about the first time she went out? In 1979. They went to Turkey. It was the Festival of Izmir. They went to the Ensemble of Songs and Dance. It was a day that he forgot. When he saw the lights at night he seemed to be in a dream. Then the markets full. Make comparisons. Eh !. When they came to the scene, the Turks began to call "Arnaut". Our songs, our dances, our costumes were a surprise to them. In all the concerts outside the homeland she distinguishes ..?! That of 1981 in France and just in Dizhon. It was an extraordinary festival. Even today it remembers it with craving. It was the first time he went to France. France was magical. Out of any forecast. God, was not trusted ...! When they showed up at Dizhon there was no spectator that was standing up. Frenetic applause. Polyphonic songs were for them as cakes at the end of the wedding. Newspapers wrote with superlatives. The next day you made a special invitation to Shans-Elize. The room was full. There was no room either on foot. How much we wanted to start the show when the police came and say go away that they have set up a bomb in the hall. They were very tense moments. But the ensemble decided. We will give the show at any price. Nobody believed. But they got on the scene. Success was extraordinary. People overthrow the hall by applause.

Another moment is in France. Exactly in 1997. It was July. It was the period of turmoil. They waited with a lot of reservations. It can be said that they viewed them with contempt. We had earned a bad name. But when the show began, everything changed. From song to song, from dance to dance, spectators were changing. In the end they all stood up and shouted "Albania", "Albania". That day was feverish.

She always laughs. In this human illumination everyone wonders: This smile gives Irrin the song, or does Irina give the song ?! In the conversation it is very straightforward and seems to be talking to a long-known one. He never repeats himself and in every stage gives a different Irini from an earlier exit. Her voice is that of youth, timbre, pure, correct. He does not abuse anything, because the voice has the ornament that the god has forgiven without hesitation. When you talk to look at you as if you are going to buy your thoughts. Even the most provocative question passes by laughing slightly shaking his head. She and why she has nothing to do with Labije as she is from the Greek minority of Saranda (Finiqi) has been identified as a typical singer of the polyphony labe song. In every activity, she sings full of will and desire to walk just ahead. Almost all European countries have been touring, with its special voice, but especially the beautiful song labe made millions of applause from Izmir to Paris. Everywhere memories, emotions she tries to express naturally, but to put it all on paper will take a long time. However, Irini says, I still have a lot to do. Currently she has produced two albums of polyphonic songs and sang after 25 years at the recital concert of talented composer Enver Shëngjergji, her beloved song "What Makes My Marigo". From her artistic life outside the homeland, she shares two key moments when she first went out of the homeland in Turkey and the Dizhoni Festival in France, where the Song and Dance Ensemble excelled in a surprising way.

Irini Qirjako is a great Albanian woman, Honorary citizen of Saranda, who transcends the limits of the Great Master, as she throughout her brilliant career as a folk singer has done what has not been heard to do anything else. She claims that she is a minoist, from Finiqi of Saranda, but she did not mention this fact, even when they asked her in Greece to get out of Albania and to sing Greek songs and her salary would be tenfold more, she replied : No. My mission is to spread through the scenes of the world, the popular song of my Nation. This famous singer, whose voice gurgling like a crystal water fountain, is so simple, loving that he does not "hesitate" to embrace all those rhymes that call him on the street saying: Irini Qirjako, great, voice your soul calms our soul.

One of her most successful collaborations is the one she had with Ervin Bushat. She says she has felt very well in that co-operation. In the song "Tie my dog ​​that", it was a very good co-operation. "I am at the rhythm of the popular song while Ervin with his little more modern rhythms, the participation of two humorous actors Rita Lati and Behar Mera and of course the hand of Edmod Zhulal who managed to make a pretty good combination," she says. According to her, Zhulali is a composer with sharpness, intuition and musical intelligence. She says there was no criticism for this because artisans like the ones who worked have a lot of experience and work and feel responsible when presenting a song in the market and it succeeded in enjoying the south of Albania and this has enjoyed tremendously much. She has also collaborated with composer Alexander Peci, at the time of the tragedy of Otranto, with a song that has an extraordinary vocal as well as an opera where Irina sang oi and for that was Sandri's mind and her work that made her come out good. "The idea to enter the video clip also two well-known actors of the Albanian humor, Behar Mera and Rita Lati, was Edmond Zhulal, who is a very good composer as well as with a lot of music intelligence, which has been successful in the work his. Of course I have given my thoughts where I agreed and where I liked and with that I collaborated to extract even my first three albums. He has a long working experience with composer Zhulali. Together they have celebrated many successful marriages that have been for both, more points in their civilizations, cordial congratulations to colleagues and friends. But besides Zhulal, she has also collaborated with Alexander Peci, another composer with whom he has worked hard and has succeeded. She has also worked with the music of "Avni Rustemi" and "Wedding of Sakos" because my vocalist was in the right time and with great harmony. She says institutions need to create such festivals, such as the initiative taken by Zhani Ciko, an initiative that should be complimented by everyone. The organization of the festival "Mimoza e Tiranës" where different singers participate is able to bring back the real values ​​of folk music. These values ​​are transmitted by conveying from one generation to another the popular tradition that is in the good of society. Zhani Ciko is a man with the capacity he has achieved through "Mimoza e Tiranës", to recompose for a generation and to introduce before the new generation beautiful folk songs so that these values ​​of our precious tradition are transmitted and remain in archives .

In 2003, Irini Qirjako released the album "Two Shells In A Gate".

In 2005, Irini Qirjako releases the album "Sorke Moj".

In 2007, Irini Qirjako releases the album "With Meerkat Porte Me Porte".

In 2012, Irini Qirjako releases the album "Tundu Bejke".

On 20 July 2013, Irini Qirjako & Enkelejda Arifi publish the video clip "Nusja Jone Cameri".

In November 2013, Irini Qirjako participates in Musical-Fest 2013 with the song "C'me Zune Hallet Moj E Measure".

On June 2, 2014, Hysni Lala publish the video "Missing Send News" in collaboration with Vera Laci, Irini Qirjako & Dionis Delia.

On 9 July 2015, Irini Qirjako publishes the video clip "Dhenderr Te Ben Sister", in collaboration with Selim Paja.

On August 18, 2015, Irini Qirjako publishes the video clip "By the day I die My Elegi".

On August 18, 2015, Irini Qirjako publishes the video clip "My Fatherland My Tim".

On 6 July 2017, Irini Qirjako publishes the video clip "Nuse Moj Sorkadhe"
Venue Information:
Mechanics Hall
321 Main Street
Worcester, MA, 01608